Auryaan  Damani 

Player work ethic             B

Player Agressiveness      A

Player Attitude                  B

Player willingness to learn   A+ 

Player execution            B 

Player fundamentals 

Passing      - B + 

Shooting - B

Finishing around the rim -  C+ 

Rebounding   D 

Freethrow shooting -  B

Dribbling - A

Strength - C   

Player improvements 

Auryaan came out the gate firing ! Was not scared of the big moments at all , Offensively gave the team a big boost of the bench as a freshman and continue to suprise opponents and coaches as the smallest player in the gym 

Player Deficiencies 

Auryaan will need to get stronger to play at this level consistently. He will need more basketball smarts and a deeper understanding of the game to contribute and will also need to get stronger in his defensive game