Neekan Damani 

Player work ethic             C 

Player Agressiveness       D-

Player Attitude                  A

Player willingness to learn   A+ 

Player execution            C  

Player fundamentals 

Passing      - C + 

Shooting - C 

Finishing around the rim -  B+ 

Rebounding   D 

Freethrow shooting -  B

Dribbling - D

Strength - C +  

Player improvements 

Neekan was able to really improve on his strength and speed . When he did shoot it he shot it well and started to gain confidence through the season 

Player Deficiencies 

Neekan struggled with the pace of the game and adjusting to the speed of drills in practice. Going into year 2 he will need to be more aggressive become more vocal and lead when he knows. CONFIDENCE is a key word